Do You Know What a Mobile Hotspot is?

The internet has come a long way since the original dial-up modem. After the dial-up and Ethernet cables, came the WiFi technology. And who says WiFi, says mobile hotspot! Indeed, a mobile hotspot will create an on-site WiFi network that you can connect to with any of your portable devices. Whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can now access the internet anywhere you go. If you want to know more about these precious devices, then follow us with this complete guide down below.

Mobile Hotspot On The Go

By using 4G or 4G LTE networks, you can find an internet connection in more than 88 countries, thanks to mobile hotspots. Tech giants are talking about the introduction of 5G in the coming decade, but before then, we are left with 4G internet. The best thing about 4G is that it is fast and reliable, and can be used on almost all 4G capable devices imaginable.

To use a hotspot with your cell phone:

  • Step 1. You must turn on mobile data on your phone.
  • Step 2. You or someone else has to turn on their hotspot feature on their smartphone (or turn on their hotspot device if they have one).
  • Step 3. Set up a name and password for the hotspot to make the connection secure.
  • Step 4. Next, you need to go on your other device that needs the internet, go to the WiFi connection menu and find the network you are trying to connect to, select it and enter the required password.
  • Step 5. Monitor your data usage in case you are running on a limited internet plan with the network provider.

When it comes to mobile hotspots or smartphones, both of them use the same data networks. The most popular technology used for mobile hotspots is 4G or sometimes 4G LTE since it offers roughly the equivalent speed to a home broadband connection. 3G is still a thing, but has been a dying technology in the last few years due to its now obsolete speed compared to 4G, and soon, 5G.

What are the Different Types Of Mobile Data Connections

If you want a fast and consistent connection to the internet, a mobile hotspot is a great solution. As mentioned before, there are different types of wireless mobile connections, the most common ones being 4G and 4G LTE.

4G stands for “fourth generation” and 4G LTE stands for “4G Long Term Evolution”. These terms are important when it comes to picking a mobile hotspot since the speed and coverage area for both are different. This is mainly due to their different generations. The 4G network will give you consistency when it comes to the connection to the internet. Whereas, most 4G LTE networks act as some sort of stopgap until they reach the equivalent speed of true 4G networks.

On another front, it is important to remember that from one carrier to another the speed can vary. For example, if you use T-Mobile, there is a clear difference if you compare the speeds of their 4G and 3G connections. However, if you perform a similar comparison with other providers, the difference in speed is not always as apparent. 3G is still available to use even if you are using a 4G mobile hotspot. Before choosing a provider you should look at the average connection speed with different networks if you are interested in getting a 4G mobile hotspot. Some areas are not fully 4G capable yet, thus why it is important to inform yourself beforehand.

How Much Does a Mobile Hotspot device cost?

Basic mobile hotspot devices are usually not that expensive. You can find a nice mobile hotspot online for about $150 or less. Some models are cheaper but come with their cons, such as limited range or an unstable connection, unfortunately. For the subscription plans, it mostly depends on the provider you go with. In general, you will have a steady plan where you will have to pay a certain amount of gigabytes per month. If you want to avoid overusing your mobile data, know that like with cell phone plans, you can either track the data usage online to make sure you stay within your limit or get an unlimited data plan.

There is also a third way to pay for your mobile data if you are only using your 4G hotspot for a couple of days or a week. Most providers can give you a pay-as-you-go wireless plan. However, since this is not a monthly payment and that you are using it for only a short period of time, the gigabytes will normally be more expensive.

If you are the type of person that is always on the go and constantly needs WiFi access, then investing in a mobile hotspot would certainly be very helpful for you. These devices are often called Pocket WiFi or Wireless Router if you fancy one. Happy shopping!

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