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If you like to watch anime, you may have used Kissanime before, which was considered one of the best and safest anime websites with the biggest online anime forum. Nevertheless, this site was recently shut down by copyright owners. No worries! We list some alternative anime sites for you so that you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on the go.

Why was shut down?

Kissanime had a great collection of anime series, anime movies, TV shows, and cartoons. They were all available in English subbed and dubbed versions with HD quality series, for free. You could also request to upload your anime of choice on their homepage. Moreover, the quality of Kissanime’s homepage was beautifully designed with its fun and user-friendly interface. Indeed, all good things must come to an end.

Anime lovers had heard the news of Kissanime being in hot water, as the giant platform had been down for some time. What happened is that their whole database was hosted by Blogspot, which is owned by Google. Unfortunately, Google got a DMCA takedown notice and simply deleted the whole Google Drive containing the precious and enormous catalog of anime. Sadly, no one is now able to access the website as the site is currently not active and does not seem to be coming back anytime soon.

Top 8 anime websites like Kissanime

As the Kissanime website has been closed down for good, here are our top 8 anime websites where you can watch your anime safely:

1. 9anime: an anime website with high quality

9anime is a free and safe site that provides the best experience for viewers. This site cares about its audience by providing high-quality streaming on its website. Moreover, you don’t have to pay or register to access both subbed and dubbed versions of any anime.

2. a website without ads popping up is literally one of the only anime websites where you can enjoy your favorite anime without any interrupting ads during your show. Furthermore, this site is very easy to explore and the content is not hard to find.

3. the best free site

This site is one of the famous safe platforms where you can watch anime for free. There are thousands of anime options, movies, and TV-shows. Furthermore, they are downloadable to enjoy for free. You can join their servers from any country around the world as this site is not zoned. It offers a “Popular Tab” containing multiple lists of all the anime series that are currently popular. It is also offering the usual 2 formats, English dubbed and subbed. Lastly, this site provides you with many filters such as genre, season, recently added, and completion status.

4. AnimeLab: the best quality anime streaming site

AnimeLab is a safe platform that offers a premium experience without ads to the viewers. This site also has a unique simulcast which allows everyone to watch fresh new episodes at the same time as their Japan release. Plus, you can find this site on Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, Apple TV, Samsung TV, PS4, and so on.

5. a free and safe anime website is a safe website that offers a list of different genres like comedy, adventure, fantasy, horror, and more. It usually updates the newest episodes of each Anime on its list. It also provides the best quality of anime for free and is much faster than many other platforms. This website is admired by tons of fans as it hasn’t been banned for the past few years and has been constant with its releases. Lastly, you can find much popular anime series like One Piece, Naruto, Fate series, and many others.

6. a genuine anime website is a safe site that offers a trending filter feature. Therefore, you can explore many new popular anime shows on this user-friendly platform. Last but not least, it also offers several anime with good quality and good subtitles.

7. the most complete site is a free anime site that contains all kinds of anime titles and TV shows. Furthermore, this site also offers perfect quality. However, this site may have a complex interface with many ads popping up once in a while, but it is still one of the top anime platforms that you can trust.

8. the most valid platform

For those who would like to support a legal website while watching your anime shows, Crunchyroll is the best solution. It offers completely legal content that is free from viruses and other malware. Moreover, its simulcast feature offers anime that premiere straight from Japan. However, you have to pay in order to access all of its features. You will never regret it as there are thousands of anime that you can choose from.

Watching anime with safe websites is important so that you will not get any problems with your computer. Now you can safely watch your favorite anime with the alternative sites we provided above, even though we are still sad that a good site like Kissanime is down forever. Rest in peace, Kissanime.

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