How AI Software Can Help Surveillance Systems Reduce Criminal Activity

As more and more places employ the use of electronic surveillance systems to monitor nearby activity, the risk of theft, violence and vandalism has decreased. This has allowed property owners and security personnel to observe criminal activity that might have been missed when relying on eyesight alone. That said, while electronic surveillance has made the job of preventing crimes easier, there is still the need for resources and labour to examine security camera footage and identify when and where a crime is committed. Thankfully, the addition of AI software allows security cameras to accurately identify criminal activity as it happens, reducing the risk of further crimes occurring.

Integrating AI Software with Existing Surveillance Technology

All electronic surveillance systems are designed to record and monitor areas for the protection of property and members of the public. The addition of AI surveillance software allows for easier and more accurate detection of criminal activities as they occur. The AI software uses algorithms to process various elements in video streams in real-time. The software can focus on each individual and detect any suspicious behaviour based on posture and gestures. This suspicious behaviour can include hands moving objects between shelves toward a bag or other container, which could indicate shoplifting. If this is detected, the AI software can also use object recognition to identify the objects involved, including whether the container is a normal shopping bag or basket rather than a backpack or handbag. When potential criminal behaviour is detected, the AI software triggers an alert, which allows the property owner or security guards to make a decision.

The Benefits of AI Surveillance Technology

From public places to retail stores, AI software can greatly reduce the risk of criminal activity. Here are some main ways AI surveillance technology can benefit property owners and security personnel.

More Accurate Detection

Relying on human eyes to examine hours of surveillance footage to find potential criminal activity is extremely resource-intensive and ultimately unreliable. AI software removes the tedious work involved and quickly identifies crimes, allowing for faster action.

Greater Coverage

Hiring a security guard to watch an area can only provide so much protection. AI surveillance software, on the other hand, can cover a wide area, offering a high level of security without the need for extra costs.

Better Privacy

While many people fear that increased surveillance infringes on their privacy by tracking their every move, the truth is that AI software only recognises suspicious activity itself. As it cannot identify people, it helps maintain privacy and compliance with laws and regulations.

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