Features for IP Telephony that You should use More

The change to VoIP has been completed inside most businesses, these days. However, when we look more closely at the situation, it is worth noting that a lot of them don’t use all the features that it can provide. It may be wise for managers to take the time and study what is available, in order to make their employees’ life easier, but also to render them more efficient. Here are some of those features that a company can benefit from.

IP Telephony: More than Only Phone Calls

Companies have switched to IP telephony, first and foremost, because it costs less than the traditional one. That in itself explains why so many of the great features are not being used by employees and managers inside businesses, today. But it is a real issue, since benefiting from them would increase efficiency and productivity inside the company. The following should be studied and entered into the day-to-day communication management, whenever it makes sense.

CRM Integration

This is a feature that needs to be installed immediately, inside any company. It is the only way that a business can run perfectly. When the IP system is connected to the CRM, the moment that a call comes in, the person can see the entire dossier of the client or supplier, so that all queries and demands become much easier to answer to. Not to mention that it will immediately increase the number of sales, since the phone operator will be able to focus on the client’s precise needs.

Call Handoff

It seems like an obvious one, but still many companies don’t benefit from it. The advantage of call handoff over IP telephony is that it is seamless. The person on the other end of the line will not notice any particular change while the call is being redirected to a cell phone, a conference call or any other type of devices.

Call Follow

If someone works part-time at home, on the road and at the office, he needs to acquire the call follow option available, when you acquire VoIP solutions. When on, the system will first have the phone ring at the office for two rings (you can decide on the amount you want), and if it is not picked-up, it will then transfer the call to the person’s mobile phone, so that he can take it in the car, or at his home office.


That is a feature for those who like to fully organize themselves. By using that option, one can personalize almost everything on his IP phone line. He can install a “one touch key” and label ringtones, according to callers. There is much a person can do, using this function, so it is to be handled with care. Otherwise, it can become a toy for grown-ups.

Cost-Saving Programming

The company manager can have installed, inside the system, a program that will reroute calls, according to the less costly option available. It can send it to a mobile or to another line that makes more sense. It is particularly useful in the case of long-distance and international calls.

Call screening

It is probably one of the most known features of IP telephony, and also the most used. That is partly because it is usually included in the package that companies buy from IP solution businesses. Still, it is one of the most important features. It enables you to tell who is calling. Therefore, if it is mother on the line, you can always call her back later on during the day, if you are busy with work. It might not be the best thing to do though, if it is your better-half calling…

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