Is Robuxftw a good way to get Free Robux?

Roblox has taken the gaming industry by storm lately and is often considered the first real metaverse in gaming history. In the popular persistent world, you can build things with your friends, make complete custom games and let other people pay to enter your world or your game. The currency used in Roblox is called Robux and can become quite expensive if you are not too careful. That said, there are many ways to get free Robux, and Robuxftw is one of them. That being said, does it really work?

Why is Roblox Virtual World so popular?

Kids love Roblox like they love Fortnite. The big difference here is that in Roblox, you can play many types of games since players are the ones who create the games and the mini-worlds you will visit. For example, the most popular Roblox world in 2021 is the Pet Simulator Adopt Me! with a staggering 24 billion visits to its name. That’s a lot of visits!

In the latter, you take care of animals by leveling them up and trading them. The animals give you love points, and the more love points you get, the higher you can get on the leaderboard. This can become very addictive since the animals are attached to a loot box system, where some animals are rarer than others. You can also purchase animals with Robux, and some of them are very expensive.

This is just one example of the games you can play. There are parkour mini-games, Roblox building games, Roblox racing, etc. The sky is really the limit with this title, thus why it became so popular these last few years.

Robux – The Virtual Currency of Roblox

The Robux is the official currency of the game Roblox, and is used to buy not only virtual items in the game shop, but is also used as a currency for purchasing player-created content. In other words, it is possible to make money on Roblox if your world, your game, and your items are interesting, people are going to pay Robux to access your content.

Moreover, here’s a full list of the things that require a Robux payment in the Roblox game:

  1. Purchasing Cosmetic items
  2. Accessing Premium Games
  3. Changing your username
  4. Game Passes from user-created games
  5. Trading and Shopping

Why did the Robux icon change?

There were many major changes around the currency used within the Roblox worlds and how the latter works on a fundamental level. One of these major changes occurred in 2019 when Roblox’s currency icon changed from R$ to a simple lug nut coin icon.

This was mainly due to the R$ logo resembling the Brazilian Real too much. All in all, it was a very smart move from the dev team and since then, the new Robux icon has remained in function.

Is Robuxftw a good way to earn Robux?

Robuxftw is what we call an online Robux generator. What’s a Robux generator you may be wondering? A generator of Robux for Roblox is supposed to generate any amount of Robux coins that you want. However, these mostly never work, as they will just take your personal info and steal any balance of Robux that you transfer through them.

Moreover, any website claiming that it will give you free Robux is either a scam or they are trying to get your personal information to resell it afterward. As a matter of fact, Robuxftw will ask for your credit card number and even your social security number, so it’s a lot to give in order to receive some free Roblox coins, don’t you think?

What are Roblox Points and Tix?

If you have been playing Roblox for a long time, you may have seen or heard someone talking about Roblox Points and Tix. Those were used a long time ago as Roblox in-game currencies but they have both been replaced by Robux.

Top 5 ways to get free Robux for Roblox

Fear not, as there are many legit ways to get lots of Free Robux for Roblox, just follow our top 5 below:

Roblox Premium Program

Formerly known as the Roblox Builders Club, the Premium program offers 3 main subscription plans that you can choose from and will give you some Robux bonuses every month:

  • Roblox Premium 450 Robux per month (USD 4.99 or GBP 4.59/month)
  • Roblox Premium 1,000 Robux per month (USD 9.99 or GBP 8.99/month)
  • Roblox Premium 2,200 Robux per month (USD 19.99 or GBP 18.49/month)

Additionally, with the Roblox Premium Program, you get 10% more Robux when you purchase some currency through the official online Roblox store. Also, you can buy, sell, and trade items with the Roblox Trade System.

Giveaways and Youtuber Raffles

This one is probably the best and most common way to get free Robux. Just follow a Roblox Youtuber and a Reddit Roblox group to be part of the latest Robux giveaway available.

Create Roblox Games Microtransactions

Every game created within Roblox’s extensive world can be monetized, therefore, you can earn Robux by adding microtransactions to your game.

Refer a friend

For every friend you refer to Roblox, you get a 5% commission paid in Robux.

Trade and sell your items

Trading and selling items you don’t want anymore is another great way of earning extra Robux in Roblox. Just make sure to always be on the lookout for the best deals and follow the different trends.

Is it safe to use Robux ftw?

No, Robux generators such as Robuxftw are not safe and if you get caught using any cheating tools, your account could get banned. It is better to use the different methods illustrated above to earn free Robux easily.

In conclusion, the best way that seems to work well is to follow well-known Youtubers of Roblox to stay up to date with their Robux giveaways. The more forum, influencers, Reddit and Facebook groups you follow, the more chances you have to get free Robux.

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