Dare Games for Friends on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Millions of people post pics and stories of themselves and what they are living in that moment. But have you heard about Instagram dares? By creating funny dare stories, you can have lots of fun, playing with your friends, family or even your crush, to learn more about him or her.

If you want to play Instagram story games dm, you don’t have to reinvent them all. Here, we will provide you with Instagram dares for a story that you can use to entice your friends to play with you. Some will be question dares, challenges and other types of Instagram dares. Let’s start!

Instagram Story Dare: Challenges

With these challenges, you ask the reader to make a choice between different options. According to what they have chosen, they then discover the answer and what they mean. Below, we present you with the dare and the list of answers that your friends will discover once they have made their choice.

First Dare:

Select any alphabet between “a” to “v”.


a) What was the name of your first Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

b) Why did your last relationship end?

c) Have you ever flirted with one of your teachers?

d) Have you ever been caught making out at school?

e) Have you ever lied to your parents and about what?

f) Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

g) What was your nickname in school that you hated?

h) Do you smoke?

i) Do you drink?

j) Have you ever been the one breaking up your relationship?

k) Did you ever hit someone?

l) What is a bad habit that you want to quit?

m) Do you scream at people?

n) Who is your favourite Actor/Actress?

o) What is your dream job?

p) What was your most memorable moment?

q) Which country do you absolutely want to see?

r) Who is the other family member you like best?

s) Tell me three things you don’t like about me.

t) Who are you (in 5 words)?

u) Do you believe in life after death?

v) Do you believe in god?

Second Dare:

Upload an embarrassing photo of yourself on Instagram. Leave it there for 24 hours, and send them this message to everyone who liked your photo:

Since you liked my post, it is your turn to post an embarrassing picture of yourself. In the caption you are only allowed to write “until tomorrow” and you can only tag me. Then, you must send this message to everyone who has liked your picture, just like I did with you. The picture has to stay posted for 24 hours. Good luck and don’t spoil the game!

Instagram Story Dare: This or That Games

These Instagram Dare Games are perfect for Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, so that you know what they feel about you.

The “Who Am I for You?” Dare:

Select one answer from the list below and I’ll tell you.

  1. Chocolate Bar
  2. Hamburger
  3. All-Dressed Pizza
  4. Sweets and Candies
  5. Pain Killer
  6. Cigarette
  7. Drugs


  1. You love me.
  2. We are good friends.
  3. We only talk to pass the time
  4. We are best friends
  5. You need to be around me
  6. You are addicted to me
  7. You just can’t live without me

The Triple Number Dare:

Choose any triple number from the list below and I will tell you who you are. Don’t think, just pick one quickly.

  1. 000
  2. 111
  3. 222
  4. 333
  5. 444
  6. 555
  7. 666
  8. 777
  9. 888
  10. 999


000: You are a hard worker.

111: You love and care for people around you.

222: You are the strong and silent type.

333: You are a lover.

444: You cheat.

555: You are sexy.

666: You are a heart breaker.

777: You have too much pride.

888: You are not a good lover.

999: You are handsome/beautiful.

Instagram story: dares

Story dares are a lot of fun. They are a game that ends up with someone having to do something. If you really want to have a good laugh, choose an Instagram dare game. Here is one you can use:

Select any number between 1 and 25, and I will give you a dare, according to your choice.


1: Sing your favourite song with the tone of voice from the opposite sex.

2: Describe your favourite colour without naming it.

3: Explain what water tastes like.

4: Speak without opening your mouth for two minutes.

5: Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself.

6: Use only sign language for the next hour, with anyone you have to talk to.

7: Wear a sign saying: “Kick me” for an hour.

8: Act like if you were a Gorilla for the next five minutes.

9: Place an ice cube on your shoulder and explain how it feels – without using words.

10: Go to your street corner and tell people passing by that you are hungry.

11: Sing your favourite song to the melody of “Happy Birthday.”

12: Talk to a pillow as if it were your boyfriend or girlfriend.

13: Colour one of your front teeth in black, take a selfie and use it as your profile picture for a day.

14: Do a catwalk on the sidewalk.

15: Put mud on your face, take a selfie, and post it on Instagram.

16: Express everything by barking like a dog for a few minutes.

17: Tell your mom how sad you are about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

18: Try to keep a spoon on your nose for a few seconds.

19: Stand in front of your house and say “hello” to everyone that passes by.

20: Pretend as if you are underwater.

21: Behave like the opposite sex for a few minutes.

22: Imitate your favourite actor/actress for a few minutes.

23: Act like a robot for two minutes.

24: Speak using five different voices.

25: Give yourself a haircut and take a selfie for your next profile picture.

We hope you liked our Instagram dares for a story. Now, you can try to make-up your own!

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