On What Channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

There are so many different channels on DirecTV that it can be hard to remember which one is which. Since everyone needs to know the weather coming up, the Weather Channel is one of the most popular channel on DirecTV. However, if you have to start going through all channels to find it, it can take a long time. We’ll help you find it quickly in this article.

DirecTV: A Large Variety of Channels, Including DirecTV Weather

In the USA, DirecTV is one of the most popular television services. It is part of the AT&T Communications group and can be accessed through satellite or streaming. The reason why so many people get a subscription is that it includes all the categories that viewers want to see. From sports to news and from kids’ shows to movies, DirecTV offers all the channels anyone could want. This includes the Weather Channel, which is one of the most popular inside DirecTV.

Weather Channel Live on DirecTV

There is always one person in the family who is addicted to the weather news. That woman or man will want to tune-in on the Weather Channel, to get all the latest information. Why? Because there isn’t any other weather channel that can be considered as complete as the Weather Channel.

It started as an American pay television channel which you could watch for the weather prediction in your area, within the next few days. However, it has developed greatly since it opened. Now, you can watch many different things on AT&T DirecTV Weather Channel. Of course, it brings you the latest weather forecasts, but it also keeps you posted on all weather-related news. It has specialized itself by providing weather analysis reports, but also by showing entertainment shows, related to the weather, as well as documentaries. In fact, watching the Weather Channel is not as boring as some may think.

Weather Channel DirecTV is Unique

The Weather Channel is so big that is possesses its own proprietary equipment that enables them to learn more about the current and upcoming weather, in comparison to other channels. Naturally, it gets information on alerts coming from the National Weather Service or the Storm Prediction Center. But since it has its own equipment, it can go deeper into the information and give out more precise news to the people watching, in real-time.

The Weather Channel is also international. Many people don’t know that, simply because they function under other names in various countries. But while you are abroad, you can still get the information brought to you by the Weather Channel, in Latin America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Moreover, the channel also operates weather stations inside some of the most prestigious American universities, namely MIT, University of California, Lancaster University and the University of Oxford, to name only a few. That gives them advantages over all the other weather channels that exist on DirecTV or generally speaking.

What are the Weather Channels on DirecTV?

The Weather Channel is not the only channel forecasting the weather on DirecTV. Viewers can also tune-in on WeatherNation (previous)/AccuWeather, if they are not satisfied with the information brought to them by the Weather Channel. This said, both channels inform its viewers of the current weather in all regions of the United States of America, as well as provide predictions over the next few days to come. One segment where the Weather Channel network is clearly ahead of its competitor, is in the morning when it presents America’s Morning Headquarters, hosted by Sam Champion.

So where can you find the weather information on DirecTV? You will have to type 362 for the Weather Channel or 361 for AccuWeather.

Where did the Weather Channel go on DirecTV?

Some of the DirecTV viewers wondered for a while where the Weather Channel had gone. That’s because it was removed from the service, when they could not come to a financial agreement. Before the conflict, the Weather Channel was getting 13 cents per viewer. That did not satisfy them, and since DirecTV did not want to pay more, the deal was closed and the Weather Channel was removed from DirecTV.

It took three months to solve the issue between the two groups. But after long negotiations, the Weather Channel was back inside DirecTV’s program offering, and they are still on today, at number 362.

WeatherNation is Removed and Replaced by AccuWeather

Four years after the saga with the Weather Channel, DirecTV got into a conflict with WeatherNation, this time. However, the end result was the same at first, as they removed WeatherNation from their program offer, but this time, they did not take them back. Instead, they gave their spot to another weather channel called AccuWeather. They can now be found at number 361 on DirecTV.

Other Local Weather Channels

Those who prefer local weather channel will be served well on DirecTV. In fact, there are hundreds of local stations to choose from on DirecTV. The user simply has to look by using his zip code, through a directory on DirecTV’s website.

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