Why Businesses should Revisit Cybersecurity with Their Employees before Christmas

Online shopping has been gaining ground every year, for a while now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is bound to be even more popular this Christmas. That should worry companies. With more employees working from home, they need to ensure that each of them is taking all the necessary precautions when they use the company’s computer to go online. Chances are they will end-up doing a little shopping, and that could be dangerous if their computer is not fully secured.

Personal vs Company Computers

In a recent study conducted by AT&T, the results showed that more than a third of employees use the same device for their work and personal use. That creates a security issue, since roaming online can lead to catching viruses and malware. When all employees were working from the office, it was easy to keep a high level of security. Through an encrypted WI-FI network and other devices, it could more or less control employees’ online activities and protect the network.

However, with employees working remotely from home, this task has become more difficult. That is why many install or have their employees download Perimeter 81 VPN solution, to guarantee the privacy and security of all communications going out or coming in and encourage them to follow the security tips they provide through their Twitter account. That is a great way to make sure that the central servers at the office will be safe.

But because it is difficult to ensure that everyone keeps its VPN open and updated at all time, it is crucial for companies to communicate intensely about the importance of cybersecurity when using company and/or personal PCs. Especially now, with a higher risk during the holiday season, as employees may shop online.

Stats Show a Lack of Security in PCs of Remote Workers

The AT&T study went on to show that security was not yet taken seriously enough by companies, with employees working remotely from the office. It is true that many of those were not prepared to move to such a work method when the pandemic struck. But months later, more than 50% of the respondents still said that they were working from their own PC at home. This wouldn’t be such an important issue if they were securely protected. However, more than 60% of them said that their company did not provide them with any security software of any kind.

This creates a real danger for the company’s servers. They could be hacked if someone manages to catch personal information from one of their employees. They could also find themselves filled with viruses and malware. And with the additional risk of online shopping, that will continue throughout the next month, companies have to react now, if they don’t want to find themselves with serious IT problems after the Holiday Season.

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