10 Websites where to watch Animes

The Japanese culture entered the Western world at full speed about twenty years ago. Today, sushi has become the favourite food of many, and animes are as popular, if not more, than regular cartoons. Even the way of life from Japan has made its way into our world. However, animes are probably the fastest growing trend from this country. In this article, we will inform you on where you can watch them on your PC or mobile phone.

All the Animes You Want

People who watch animes often find themselves going to dangerous streaming websites, which can contain viruses. But there are other places online to catch animes, which are known to be safe by those who watch them all the time. Whether you like animes about drama, sports, love story, heroic fantasy or science-fiction, you will find everything you want in one of the websites below.

Gogoanime.io: Number one Overall

If you consider all the offer that exists online for animes, Gogoanime.io is probably the best one overall. You can watch the various programs for free and choose from over a thousand animes. There is no restriction on this website. Whether you are in Japan or in America, you will be able to connect and watch the shows. But the most important reason why it is rated so highly, is the quality of the English subtitles. This is crucial when you watch an audio-visual program in a language as different as Japanese. On Gogoanime.io, you will be able to download everything for free and watch hours and hours of animes.

AnimeLab: Easy to find and Safe to use

The reason why AnimeLab is second on this list, is simply that it is easy to find. Whether you use an Xbox One, Google Chrome Cast, Apple Airplay, Apple TV, Samsung TV or a PS4, they all have links to this channel of animes. It comes as a premium, therefore you won’t have to watch ads when you use it to stream your animes. The quality is as high as can be, so choosing Anime Lab may be the best and easiest solution for you to watch animes.

Crunchyroll.com: A Paid Service for Quality and Safety

If you don’t want to use services that are not 100% legal, then crunchyroll.com is one of the websites you should look into. You’ll have to open your wallet, but paying also means high quality, service and a large quantity of animes to watch. Therefore, it is definitely a great solution. As long as you are willing to spend money each month.

Kissanime.ru: For those who like to discuss Animes with Others

If you search online, Kissanime won’t be the first anime streaming site you will find. But, if you like to talk about animes with other people, it is the place to do so. It will also provide you with many ideas on what to watch next, as you read other users comments. If you are new to animes, this can be a great way to start.

Animedao.com: Safety First

If your main concern about finding the right website where to watch animes is safety, then you should select Animedao. As a bonus, you will find that the English subtitles are of a very high quality, which is often not the case in many of the streaming animes websites.

AnimeFreak.tv: If You don’t mind Ads

This website is one of the worst in terms of the numbers of ads you will have to watch in order to get to your animes. It is also considered to be one of the less user-friendly of the list. However, if you devour animes, and you can’t find the ones you are looking for, chances are they will be available on AnimeFreak.tv. They have the largest selection of animes of all the websites you will find on this page.

Animeseason.com: If You don’t want Ads

At the opposite of AnimeFreak.tv, Animeseason.com doesn’t have any ads on it. That means you ca watch your animes without wasting time on advertising. To make the deal even sweeter, it is one of the most user-friendly sites, making it easy to find the content you want to watch, easily. What’s the catch? We are still looking for it…

9anime: to watch Animes in HD

This website has based its reputation on quality. You will be able to watch most of your favourite animes in HD. They provide a completely satisfying experience to the user.

Chia-anime.tv: Completely Free

This website has been up-and-running for many years. Users keep coming back because they can watch the content ten times faster than on any other platform. Since you get quality for free, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular on this list.

Animedxd.me: For the Latest Animes

If you are serious about your animes, then we suggest you check this site. They usually have the very latest ones, with a good quality and English subtitles that are well written.


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