What Word Processor does Chromebook Use?

At the beginning Chromebook was lacking in terms of word processing apps. But this is in the past now. Today, a large number of word processors for Google Chromebook are available, which makes it easier than ever to create, edit and print all the documents you need, when working on Chromebook.

How to Use the Best Word App for Chromebook?

To use a Chromebook word processor, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome OS (operating system). That is the only way to benefit from the large amount of word processor app available on the Play Store for Androids system, like the one used by Chromebook. Then, you will be able to increase your productivity on Chromebook with word processing apps that will enable you to do all you want. We have chosen a few interesting apps to ease your search, which we will now describe below.

Microsoft Word

Let’s be honest: This program was one of the very first to be published and it is still the most used in the world, today. Therefore, to use Microsoft Word is easier, since you can assume safely that whoever you send your document to, will be able to edit it, if need be. In fact, Microsoft Word is so popular that it is even compatible on Apple computers and mobile phones.

If you have never used Microsoft Word before, you should know that it is a very complete word processor which lets you create, read and edit documents. Whether you are preparing an assignment, writing a blog, adding some notes, writing a script or a journal, the Microsoft Word processor will make it easy for you to do so, thanks to its many options. Through rich formatting and numerous layout designs, you can create professional documents easily.

Microsoft Word can be used with Chromebook through its office suite, known as WPS Office. It is a more complete software group which lets you work also on Excel files, for graphic creation. You can even prepare full presentations on it. And since it supports PDF files and notes, it will let you add to the documents in many different formats. There is even a way to save your documents on a Cloud service if you want to, such as Google Drive, Box, or Evernote, by choosing automatic saving. If you don’t know which word processor to choose, Microsoft Word is probably the safe decision to make.

Google Docs

It is only normal that Google Chromebook lets you work on Google Docs for all your word processing needs. In fact, it is the most logical solution, since they are part of the same group and have been thought to work well together. The big advantage of Google Docs is for people who collaborate on documents. They are accessible to everyone, and you can see the changes made in real-time. This eases the creation process and brings it to an efficiency level difficult to beat. Naturally, all documents will be saved on the Cloud in Google Drive. If you wonder, Google Docs is also available offline with Chromebook, making it a big advantage.

Writer App

Writer App is the simple way to go, since it is quite easy to use and fully compatible with Chromebook. Whatever the task you need to accomplish (write a novel, a screenplay or short stories), Writer App will let you do so without having any extra distraction. The best part of this word processor is that you can set writing goals, so that you don’t stop working until you get to them. After that, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day or start another task. Millions of people have chosen Writer App as their word processor, so you can assume that it will deliver in terms of quality. Google Drive and Evernote are integrated inside the Writer App, making it easier to save your documents in the Cloud. You can also save them in different formats, including Word.

OpenOffice Writer

One thing you have surely noticed, while reading this document, is the importance for these various apps to support the Word document format. That is because, as we explained earlier, Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word processor in the world. OpenOffice Writer lets you create and edit documents in Word format, so you don’t have to worry about that part. This app also offers all the common functions of a good word processor, which includes: adding pictures and enriched formatting. It connects to the Cloud easily and is fully compatible to Chromebook.


As you now know, Chromebook will enable you to work on many different word processors for all your needs. It is more important for you to find the one you will feel more comfortable with, to write on. Once that is done, you can develop your skills, no matter what genre of writing you do. But choose wisely, and if you don’t like the app you have chosen, change rapidly so that you don’t find yourself with texts written in various formats.

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