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Finally, a simple guide, written
in plain English, that is guaranteed
to help you install your own CD or DVD drive
in 60 minutes or less, or your money back!

Install a CD or DVD Drive Within minutes you'll be making
your own music CDs, backing up your
favorite digital pictures or files,
or watching DVD movies on your computer.

How to Install a CD or DVD Drive
-- The Easy Way --
By John Anthony

Dear friend,

If you can change a light bulb, then you can add a CD or DVD drive to your PC - quickly and easily!

Adding a CD or DVD drive to your PC has a few more steps than changing a light bulb, but none are more difficult than things you already do every day.

You Don't Need Computer Experience
We'll 'Guide' You Each Step of the Way

Installing a CD or DVD drive on your computer is actually very easy when you have someone with experience guiding you through each of the simple, necessary steps.

Without such an experienced guide you run the risk of installing your drive incorrectly -- just one incorrect step will result in a drive that won't work. In some instances, it could result in something more serious -- a damaged computer component.

My Experience and Qualifications to Help You

My name is John Anthony. I'm an electrical engineer with over 25 years of computer design and development experience. Not only have I installed literally thousands of computer components, but I have also played a role in developing many of those systems.

During the eighties I worked with IBM designing components to help make their experimental super computers perform faster and was granted a patent for that work.

The bottom line is, I have the qualifications to guide you through the easiest, most efficient and safest steps to take when installing your CD or DVD drive.

And I can show you how to do it in about an hour.

We've Made it Safe, Simple and Easy-to-Understand

My wife, Renie, and I created this new installation guide especially for people who don't have computer experience, and are frustrated by the confusing information found in most manuals. Those manuals are usually written in technical jargon that frustrates people rather than helps them.

It doesn't have to be that way.

We break down the process into a series of 10 simple steps, explained in clear, easy-to-follow text accompanied by large photographs. We've eliminated all of the technical jargon.

With our guide anyone can install their own CD or DVD drive -- quickly and easily.
Dear John and Renie,

'Thanks for making it so easy for me to install my new CD drive.'

'Before getting your guide, I was a little hesitant to tackle this project on my own. But after receiving your guide I felt much more confident that I could do it.'

'The clear, step-by-step instructions and the big photos made it very easy. Not one problem.'

Joe Gracia
Watertown, WI
How Our Guide Will Save You Time, Money and Frustration!

  1. You'll save the time and frustration of searching for a quality, reputable shop that will do a proper installation. If you haven't used the shop before, how do you really know what type of work they do? If you have a friend install it for you, how do you know if they have the right 'hands-on' experience to do the job properly?
    -- When you use our guide you'll be confident that your drive is installed correctly.

  2. You'll save the work, time and travel required to take your PC to and from the shop.
    -- When you use our guide your CD or DVD drive will be up and running in about an hour.

  3. You'll save money by avoiding the shop markup on the drive, as well as their hourly installation charge. Many shops charge from $50 to $100 an hour for installation services.
    -- When you use our guide that money stays in your pocket. You'll easily save over $100!

  4. You'll eliminate the common costly mistakes that many people make when purchasing their drive as well as their CDs and DVDs. There are different types of drives and different types of CDs and DVDs for different purposes. If you buy the wrong type it may not do what you thought it would, or it may not work at all.
    -- When you use our guide you'll discover the best type of drive for your needs. Plus you'll learn the difference between the various CD and DVD formats and which ones you should buy.
Here's What You'll Get with Our New
How to Install a CD or DVD Drive -- The Easy Way!

We'll tell you about the different types of CD and DVD drives and what they can do so that you can select the one type of drive that suits your needs perfectly.

Not all CD and DVD discs are alike. This is one area that many people get confused about. We'll tell you the difference between the various types of CDs and DVDs so that you buy the right type that will do what you want them to do.

We include the ten steps necessary to quickly and easily install your new CD or DVD drive in about an hour.

Each step is written in clear, easy-to-understand English, with no technical jargon.

We've included large photos to accompany the text so you can see the details clearly.

We stand behind our guide with a 60 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Dear John and Renie,

'When my computer crashed I lost a lot of information. I finally decided to install a CD-RW drive so I could back up and protect all my data.'

'I have had bad experience with written technical instructions, where they assume you already have knowledge of computers. With your manual I was able to successfully install the new CD-RW drive in my desktop PC. I now regularly backup important data!'

'I would highly recommend this instruction manual to anyone, like me, with little knowledge of computers who wants to perform this task on their own computer.'

Mike White
Brookfield, CT
Why Pay Up To $100 in Installation Fees?

Installing a CD or DVD drive isn't difficult at all when you know the 10 simple steps that need to be performed.

It's like putting the numbers in a combination lock. If you don't know what those numbers are, it can be a very frustrating experience that can easily end in failure.

But when you know exactly what those numbers are, it becomes very easy. Anyone can do it.

It's the same with installing your CD or DVD drive. As long as you have our guide to walk you through each step, you'll be able to install your drive, without frustration, in about an hour.

And you won't have to pay up to $100 in installation fees.

For a Limited Time You Can Get Our
'How to Install a CD or DVD Drive -- The Easy Way'
For Only $14.95
That's 35% Off the Regular Price!

The regular price of our 'How to Install a CD or DVD Drive -- The Easy Way,' is only $22.95. But for a limited time we are offering it for a discounted price of only $14.95.

That's less than the price of one music CD or DVD movie.

Isn't it worth $14.95 to save the time, frustration and money you'd have to spend on installation fees?

Order by And You'll Also Receive
This Additional Bonus, Absolutely Free!

Respond today and we'll also include . . .

My recommendation on the best make and model CD and DVD drives. Technology is changing rapidly, but I'll tell you the type of drive you should get so the one you buy won't become obsolete in a month or two.

The best sources for great deals on your CD or DVD drive. These are the sources I use to get the highest quality and service with the best all around price. This bonus alone can save you many times the price of our guide.

I'll tell you about the very latest technology that allows you to store seven times, or more, information, pictures, music, etc. than any standard CD. You need to know this or you may get short-changed.

I'll also tell you about a type of CD or DVD drive that can be installed in 1-minute or less and can be used with multiple computers.

Why pay more for your CD and DVD discs? I'll tell you where you can find the best deals on these accessories.

John and Renie,

'I just received my copy of How to 'Install a CD or DVD Drive - The Easy Way!' a few hours ago.'

'My DVD drive is already installed -- without a problem. I actually did it in less than an hour!'

'We're already enjoying our DVD movies on our computer -- with your help.'

Gary Conners
Cincinnati, OH

Our No-Strings, 60 day, Money-Back Guarantee

We think buying from us should be 'risk-free' for you.

That's why we are willing to take all the risk by offering you a No-Strings, 60 day, Money-Back Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with our guide -- How to Install a CD or DVD Drive -- The Easy Way!, we'll give you a full and immediate refund.

We hope you agree, that we can't be any more fair than that.
Now Available in Digital PDF Format!

PDF Digital Version. That means you'll have no shipping & handling charges, and you can have it on your computer in a matter of hours! Once we receive your order, we'll e-mail you instructions for downloading your copy of 'How to Install a CD or DVD Drive -- The Easy Way,' to your computer.

Regular Price: $22.95
Special Discounted Price:
PDF Digital Version: Only $14.95, No S&H! (Save 35%)

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