325 Tips written in plain language
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configure, operate, maintain and secure
your computer.

325 Easy PC Tips Take the guess work out-
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-- 325 Easy PC Tips --
the book that should be included
with every new PC sold

By John Anthony

The How and Why of this book

Dear friend,

I've been researching, recording and saving tips about using PCs for some time. I saved each tip in a quick-access electronic database so that when I wanted to recall the exact steps needed to do something, I didn't have to dig through help menus or manuals again. I just looked up the tip in the database.

In the course of running the ComputerHelpAtoZ web site questions have come in from web site visitors and our newsletter subscribers. When a question wasn't already answered by an existing tip, I found the answer and added it to the tips file. These invaluable questions insured that the growing database of tips was addressing real-world questions from a large group of people.

Eventually the number of tips reached a point where they covered the basic set of things anyone would need to know in order to run and take care of their PC. It has become a great reference book for PC users.

It will help anyone who uses a PC, from brand new beginners to more experienced users who still need to check on the detailed steps needed to do certain things sometimes.

What's in the Book?

325 tips with many graphics organized in six categories:
  • Windows
  • PC
  • Applications
  • E-mail
  • Internet
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
The Table of Contents is live, which means that when you find a tip you want to read, you just click it's page number and it opens. No scrolling through page after page looking for the right page number!

There are TOC tags throughout the book. Clinking any one of these takes you back to the Table of Contents - No scrolling back required either!

Windows tips show you how to personalize and use the important features of Windows:
  • Learn how to effectively use the desktop, recycle bin, taskbar, control panel, clipboard and more...
  • Master Windows Explorer where you view, cut, copy, sort, delete and create folders and files.
  • Use Windows Media Player to create playlists that play all your favorite music the way you want it!
All Windows tips have been tested with Windows 98 SE and Windows XP Home Edition, the two most popular operating systems found on home PCs. The vast majority of these tips apply equally to both operating systems. A handful apply only to one or the other.

The Windows 98 tips apply to Windows ME (which is really an error reduced version of Windows 98 SE) and Windows 95. Most of the tips also apply to other Windows operating systems as well, but they have not been explicitly tested with them.

PC tips cover the PC itself:
  • Learn how to setup hardware like your keyboard, mouse and display.
  • Use maintenance tips to keep your PC tuned and running.
  • Protect your PC from viruses and voltage disturbances.
  • Take advantage of neat printer features.
  • Create a Startup disk so that you can start your PC when the hard drive system files have been deleted or corrupted.

Application tips provide information about the some of programs (applications) that work with Windows:
  • Learn how to install and remove programs.
  • Use the powerful formatting features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Find out how to add and remove tool icons from toolbars.
  • Notepad and Wordpad are included free with Windows - Learn how to open a new document in each one.
E-mail tips cover the use of Outlook Express, which most PC users use it as their e-mail program.
  • Learn how personalize your e-mail program the way you want it
  • Protect your PC with built-in e-mail security settings
  • Automate tasks and save yourself some work
  • Can't send or receive pictures? - learn the settings that make them work
Internet tips cover the use of Internet Explorer, which has been included with every Windows operating system since it was first introduced with Windows 98.
  • Learn how to configure your browser
  • Reset your homepage when a rogue program changes it
  • Download the things you want easily
  • Make web surfing more secure with the right settings
Keyboard Shortcuts tips are really useful because every action that can be done using a mouse can also be done using your keyboard. Every user eventually develops a set of mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts that works best for them. Put these handy keystrokes to work for you today!

  • Learn the powerful, time-saving editing shortcuts
  • Select text quickly
  • Navigate through files with ease
  • Control actions in Windows
My Experience and Qualifications to Help You

My name is John Anthony. I'm an electrical engineer with over 27 years of electronics design and development experience. I began using PCs when the first commercial IBM PC was released in 1981.

During the eighties I worked with IBM designing components to help make their experimental super computers perform faster and was granted a patent for some of that work.

The bottom line is, I am basically a techie with lots of general and specific knowledge about PCs, combined with the ability to put it all into everyday language for non-technical people.

What People have said about these Tips

I'd like to share some testimonials for this book with you, but since it has just been released there aren't any yet!

However, below are some e-mail messages we've received from people who really like the tips we've provided on our web site and in our free newsletter. The '325 Easy PC Tips' book is full of the same tips and more. The only difference is that many tips in the book are enhanced by the addition of graphics which makes them even easier to use!

I just want to thank you for your very helpful newsletter with those great Computer tips.

You are doing a great job & far better then two of the other well known PC tips newsletters we receive.

A fan,
Jerry & Carol

It is my understanding you can receive wealth of information from this web site. I am a new user. I am not illiterate but sometimes feel like I have computer dyslexia. Could you update me. I need the wealth I have heard you offer.

Thanks. D.Deal

I read your 38 computer, soooooooooo interesting, even though I work for a computer company, I know there is a lot I don't know and sometimes am intimated by, but I know I am not the only one. The tips are great and they will surely come in handy, for myself and my grandchildren.

Again Thanks Sharon

Hi Team BULLSEYE!!!!!! :) You just made a 70+ ole coot a happy camper. :) Your promptness was unreal!! I discovered your site last week and immediately purchased the cd install. Thank you very Much. :)

"I'll be back" [to the site]

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